A Fast Growing Company

XI designs appliances, equipped with the latest technologies, that offer perfect performance with a positive impact on your health and quality of life. In fact, IXI has always been providing high performance and trustworthy products that take care of people.

“As the company in home appliances worldwide, it is natural that we have ambitious objectives. To manage World as a micro-enterprise, offer innovations in response to specific market needs, move our production and R&D centres closer to the demand, rely on people with first-hand, local knowledge of their country, etc. This is our strategy to consolidate the position as the leading appliances manufacturer in the region”.

The industrial footprint of IXI is based on network of world, with a balanced presence based on the distribution and sale of the products.


Sustainable Development

IXI bases all its relationships with its stakeholders and consumers, suppliers, in-house staff and communities on ethical fairness, financial transparency and social sustainability, including Business Ethics, Social Responsibility and Communication.